Act for Public Health partners and experts host periodic webinars, trainings, and other events to share resources and guidance, discuss the current legal landscape, and review evidence-based best practices to support public health departments and other leaders. Register for an event or review recordings of past events related to public health authority.

Events & Webinars

Public Health Priorities in 2024 State Legislatures

February 29, 12:30pm PT

Trends in Vaccination Law and Judicial Challenges

July 26, 1 – 2:30 p.m. ET

Protecting Public Health Authority

How can we empower the public health workforce amid the current climate of challenges to public health authority?

Public Health’s Preemption Problem: Key Health Justice Impacts and Updates

Toward an Empowered and Trusted Public Health System: Learnings from COVID-19 Era Bright Spots Policies

Fighting for Public Health: How Do We Strengthen Public Health Advocacy at Local, State, and National Levels?

Act for Public Health: Assessing Legislation and Litigation Impacting Public Health Authority

Efforts to Rollback Public Health Authority: Tracking the Legislation and Assessing the Impact

Federal Vaccine Mandates: Assessing their Legalities

Judicial Trends: Recent Case Decisions with Long-term Implications for Public Health

Public Health Under Threat: An Examination of State Laws Protecting Public Health Officials from Harassment

Equitable Rebuilding from COVID-19: Strengthening Protections for Communities

Making the Case for Public Health

Proposed Limits on Public Health Authority: Dangerous for Public Health

Ensuring Changes in Emergency Powers and Public Health Authority Will Protect Health