Support and Resources for Strengthening
Public Health Protections

Public health agencies use their authority for more than preventing epidemics and the spread of disease; they serve many other critical functions, such as preventing injuries, testing children
for lead exposure, promoting healthy behaviors, responding to disasters, advancing health equity and more. Act for Public Health provides direct support to public health departments and others through consultation, training, legal technical assistance, research, and resources to address legislation that weakens their ability to protect the communities they serve.

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What is public health authority?

Public health authority refers to a public health department’s legal ability to further public health by using tools
such as community engagement, data collection, scientific research, laws and regulations, enforcement, and the many
methods of sharing information and guidance with those who need it most.


Who We Are

We are an initiative of the Public Health Law Partnership, a group of organizations and experts applying their decades of experience in public health law and policy work to help push back against legislative attempts to block public health officials’ ability to do their job.