How can public health practitioners engage in advocacy even when faced with restrictions on lobbying?

This one-hour webinar, hosted by the American Public Health Association and ChangeLab Solutions, aims to help new and seasoned advocates understand the general ethics and legalities related to lobbying and advocacy. The webinar

  • Defines lobbying and distinguishes between direct and grassroots lobbying;
  • Explains the restrictions on lobbying for federal grantees and 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations that receive funding from foundations;
  • Shares exceptions to lobbying rules and provides an overview of allowable advocacy activities;
  • Provides examples of common scenarios that public health professionals may face in their day-to-day practice;
  • Clarifies the meaning of political activity via traditional and social media; and
  • Offers additional advocacy resources and public health authority resources.


  • Sarah de Guia, ChangeLab Solutions
  • Sabrina Adler, ChangeLab Solutions


View the webinar here: